Memorial sites

These sites are dedicated to the memories of our precious children. We offer to share our stories both to share our love of our children and in the hopes that by sharing our story someone else can benefit from it.

Many times the benefit is knowing that we are not alone on this road. Other times it is picking up a coping technique we might not have thought of alone or heard from somewhere else in our support network. Some times it is just to appreciate someone else's angel.

Sites of Surviving Children

While most of us are told "incompatible with life" when told about the trisomy 18 diagnosis, there are indeed those who go on to live. Some for many years!

These are the stories of those children, who inspire many of us, fill us with hope, and with love. For many who have just been told the diagnosis of T18, these are the children who will give them the strength to cope with the months to come.

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